Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day 1 : A relaxing 5km walk

And so the challenge has begun!

As today is Mother's Day, I roped in my first Challenge Buddy - my mum!  A walk might seem like a bit of a cop out for the first day of the challenge - but not when you're trotting behind my mum, who power walks so quickly at times I find myself jogging to keep up!

Today is a day to tell mums how brilliant they are - and today has been no different for Oor Aggie!  There have been times when I have been scared, worried, fed up or (when trying to deal with my old GP) feeling like I was losing my mind!  My mum is always at the end of the phone to reassure me, so starting the challenge with her was perfect!

I'm sure that today was probably one of the easiest days of the next 50 - the walks near my parents house are beautiful and it's always good to spend time with mother dearest!!  As I'm hoping to run 5 days of 7, it'll be a good few days before I'm next walking my 5 km, so I made sure to take some pictures on the way - the next set will probably be blurrier!!

In finishing this post, I've got a very big thank you to say.  I received an email on Friday morning to tell me that I'd received my first donation.  The donator chose to remain anonymous, but, given that the only person I'd showed the blog and donation page to was my boyfriend, I assumed it was him!  However, he assured me it wasn't, and after some head scratching, I realised that the lovely people at Thyroid UK had put a link on their website.  It turns out my first donation has come from a complete stranger, and I couldn't be more grateful - so a very big thank you - it is very, very much appreciated!

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