Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 2 to Day 11

Day 2 to 11...Done! 

I came across a picture on instagram last week which had the 5x50 tag...the caption was 5km down, 245km to go!  Eeeeesh that is a lot of kilometres!

But here I am on day 11, and it's 50 kilometres down, 200 to go!  And yes, those maths skills do seem questionable!  It should really be 55 kilometres down, 195 to go, but I was off work ill yesterday, and had absolutely no energy to get the 5km done.  So I had an (unwilling!) day off, and was right back on the bike (literally) tonight.  I feel a bit disappointed that I'll not manage the 5km every day, so I'll either tack the extra 5km on at the end, or find another more appropriate way to make the day up (any suggestions?!)

The 50km down so far have been mainly ok, but sometimes a little challenging.  Luckily I've had some amazing running buddies in the form of a bestie and a boyfriend (thanks guys!)  My aim by the end of the challenge is to be able to run a 5km in under 30 minutes, so I'm working to a training and pace plan to get myself there.  The first week has been almost plain sailing, apart from some agony in my feet - but with some googling I've found a way to strap them up, and the difference has been amazing!  My first run took me 36.42 minutes, and the second run (with the foot pain!) took 38.47....however, by the end of the week, I was down to 34 minutes!  Happy days - only 4 minutes to go!

So here's to the next 200 kilometres.....!

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